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What is use for Yaml?

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What is Yaml?

YAML is a human-readable data serialization format that takes concepts from programming languages such as C, Perl, and Python, and ideas from XML and the data format of electronic mail.

YAML Rules

  • Applicable YAML files: all files with a .yml extension.

  • Essentials uses a config.yml file.

  • Tabs are NOT allowed, use spaces ONLY.

  • You MUST indent your properties and lists with 1 or more spaces.

  • All keys/properties are case-sensitive. ("ThIs", is not the same as "thiS")

Video for YAML

posted Jul 7, 2015 by Parampreet Kaur

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What is Zetta?

Zetta is an open source platform built on Node.js for creating Internet of Things servers that run across geo-distributed computers and the cloud. Zetta combines REST APIs, WebSockets and reactive programming – perfect for assembling many devices into data-intensive, real-time applications.

npm install zetta

Zetta servers run in the cloud, on PCs and on single-board computers. With Zetta you can link Raspberry Pis, BeagleBones and PCs together with cloud platforms like Heroku to create geo-distributed networks.Zetta turns any device into an API. 

Zetta servers communicate with microcontrollers like Arduino and Spark Core giving every device a REST API both locally and in the cloud. 

Zetta's reactive hypermedia design marries reactive programming with Siren hypermedia APIs so that you can assemble distributed systems of devices that communicate and react via APIs.

Building Internet of Things systems is complex. Zetta provides helpful abstractions for increased developer productivity while also giving direct access to underlying protocols and conventions allowing you to focus on the big picture without losing track of the details so that you joyfully transform sensors, actuators and controllers into big, creative applications.

Zetta's architecture is optimized for data-intensive, real-time applications. Zetta allows you to observe and react to device and system behavior in code and using visualization tools

Video for IOT Zetta