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Why do we use jQuery?

+2 votes
Why do we use jQuery?
posted Jul 2, 2015 by Manikandan J

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1 Answer

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6 reasons you should be using jQuery

1. jQuery promotes simplicity

2. jQuery elements display even when JavaScript is disabled

3. jQuery easily integrates with the Visual Studio IDE

4. jQuery makes animated applications just like Flash

5. jQuery pages load faster

6. jQuery can be SEO friendly

Why you need jQuery

Let's recap some of the advantages to using jQuery in your next Web development project.

The price is right. The jQuery library is free.

It's light. Since jQuery pushes content to the client, it therefore reduces the wait time for server response. Plus, it's smaller than Flash, so it results in smoother playbacks and less errors.

It works anywhere. HTML5 is cross-browser compatible-it will work on any browser, mobile phone or tablet, and even on Apple devices.

There's a low learning curve. Since it's based on plain old JavaScript, developers can learn jQuery fast.

Finally, jQuery is SEO friendly and CSS3 compliant.

answer Jul 2, 2015 by Karthick.c
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