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When you have a annotate a property as Primary key in a table?

+1 vote
When you have a annotate a property as Primary key in a table?
posted Jul 1, 2015 by Merry

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My question is very similar to the one below, but on a informatica environment:

Retrieving the index of an inserted row

Here is a brief summary of the issue: I'm trying to figure out how I can insert a row into a table and then find out what the value of the auto_incremented id column was set to so that I can insert additional data into another table. Our target is SQL server 2008. We have a table which has to be populated by informatica ETLs and the application is also using the same table - so, we can't use informatica sequence generator.

In the past when I have used Oracle database, there was a Oracle sequence generator transformation available in Informatica - but for SQL server, I am not sure.

Any solutions please?

+1 vote

I have one table - TableA. This is source and target also. Table doesn't have any primary key. I am fetching data from TableA, then doing some calculation on some fields and updating them in same tableA. Now how can I update data when it doesn't have any primary key or composite key? Second question - If joining two columns make a record unique then how can I use it in informatica?

Plz help

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