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Variations for CASE in SELECTs (pros/cons)​

+4 votes
Variations for CASE in SELECTs (pros/cons)​
posted Jun 30, 2015 by Manikandan J

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I was searching for RRH and BBU related stuff and found a query related to that.

I gone through the content and understood at a very high level. Now I have related but deep queries as following:

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Hi all

I find some information on internet of this question "What pros and cons of combined S-GW/P-GW?".
However it did not write the reasons.

I find this answer in

It said that combined S-GW/P-GW have these advantages:
Reduced signaling overhead (S5 and S8 would be internal)
Fewer hops on the bearer path
Less backhaul
Reduced signaling on the S7 interface
Lower session requirement for the PGW

I cannot understand why it can reduce signaling on the S7 interface.
and although I probably know other advantages' reason, I am not sure.
Someone please tell me.