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MongoDB: How to remove documents from a collection which meet multi-key combination deletion criteria ?

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Here I would like to explain my query a bit more.

I inserted multiple documents within a collection. Few documents have same set of keys and few of them have some extra key:value pairs . For example:
document 1 : key1 : "key1"
document 2: key1 : "key1", key2: "key2"
document 3: key1 : "key1", key2: "key2", key3 : "key3"
document 4: key1 : "key1", key3 : "key3"

Now I want to delete the documents which have key1 and key2.
What will be the command to do so ?

posted Jun 26, 2015 by Harshita

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1 Answer

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It is pretty simple query. Use the following command.
db.collection_name.remove({selection criteria})

Assume, there is a collection named as "myCollection". And the collection holds multiple records/documents like that.
document 1 has following key:value pairs - key1: 2, key2: 4, key4:5
document 2 has following key: value pairs - key1: 2, key4:6, key5:6
document 3 has following key: value pairs - key1:2, key2:4 , key6 : 7

if you want to delete documents which have key1;2 and key2:4 then use command in such a way.
db.myCollection.remove({key1:2, key2:4})

The above command will delete document 1 and document 3 from "myCollection" .

answer Jun 27, 2015 by Vikram Singh
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