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Can we have same tft set for two dedicated bearers

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Hi Folks,

I am trying to create multiple dedicated bearers for UE with same tft set. Is it possible to have same tft set for multple dedicated bearers.?

The reason for asking this is I am actually facing a problem while creating multiple dedicated beares. As soon as second dedicated bearer established for UE, UE is sending Bearer Resource Modification with cause (Regular Deactivation). Couldn't able to find why it is happening.!

Please provide some suggestions..


posted Jun 22, 2015 by Naveen Yanamaddi

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1 Answer

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The UE routes uplink packets to the different EPS bearers based on uplink packet filters in the TFTs assigned by P-GW. The PGW routes downlink packets to the different EPS bearers based on the downlink packet filters in the TFTs. So you can not have have same TFTs for 2 Different dedicated Bearers.

Please try to change the TFTs for both the Dedicated Bearers.May be you will get the Accept from the UE.

answer Jun 22, 2015 by Anand Yadav
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Hello all,

I am trying to create Dedicated EPS bearer to the dongle, But the issue is when MME receives create bearer request from the SGW, it sends Activate Dedicated Bearer Context Request to UE dongle, But UE is not responding with Activate Dedicated Bearer Context Accept message.?

Could anybody please come with possible solutions for the same?

By the UE is sending combined EPS attach.?

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I have a query related to Dedicated Bearer Creation.

If two UEs are attached to the network and if network is triggering the Dedicated Bearer Creation, how network identifies for which UE it has to create the Dedicated Bearer. Because as part of Create Bearer Request that is from PGW-SGW-MME we are no where specifying the IMSI value or something else related to UE. So how will network identify the UE and initiate the Bearer Creation.?