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Seeing key seems to have moved in the index too often in MangoDB?

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I have a collection (say X) in mongodb replicaset which is updated quite frequently. X is part of a database where there are about 10-12 collections with usePowerodfSize enabled but collection X does not have this setting enabled. After enabling usepowerof2size on other collections I have started noticing "key seems to have moved in the index, refinding. 71:4ca18000" error show up very often. Every time this happens, the disk I/o shoots up very high, mongodb process starts running very hot. As a result the connection to other members of the replicaset starts getting affected and they go completely out of sync.

I read some articles online saying that "key seems to have moved" if printed very in-frequently can be ignored. But no where i found an answer to what if this shows up very frequently and what does this indicate.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. (I use mongodb 2.4.9Everything i have mentioned above is as observed from the PRIMARY logs.)

posted Jun 21, 2015 by anonymous

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