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In LTE, if MAC keeps on toggling between "in_sync" snd "out_sync" states, what action should L3 take?

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In one use case, I observed that MAC is constantly toggling between "in_sync" snd "out_sync" states. So, every-time MAC forwards this indication to L3 (e.g., to RRC first and RRC sending to RRM), it is sending RRC Connection Reconfiguration to that UE with CQI and SR configurations, with exactly same values.
The reason for the behavior at MAC is not yet clear to me. Maybe due to DRX configuration. But, it is sending out of sync indication to L3 as radio link failure is getting detected by MAC for uplink. Although, actually RLF has not happened.
So, my doubt is that L3 to send exactly same copies of RRC Connection Reconfiguration is how justified? As there is a long sequence of RCRs is going on and each message is being sent in around 5-6 seconds interval.

posted Jun 19, 2015 by Sourav Mondal

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