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What is need of DataStream class in java while we have other stream class can do the same thing??

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DataStream classes such as DataInputStream and DataOutputStream class. why DataStream classes needed for input data. while we have others stream classes in java through which we can input the data.

posted Jun 17, 2015 by Prakash Singh

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public class ServletClassName extends HttpServlet {
//declare instance variables for the servlet
int  instanceVar ; // not thread−safe
// overriding the Generic Servlet.init ( )
public void init ( ) throws ServletException {
// initialize instance variables, etc.
instanceVar = 0 ;
. . .

Per each page request, in the service() method (which eventually will be either doGet(), doPost(), or whatever),
you can manipulate instance variables.

Write a Servlet that counts the total number of visits (how many times it's being visited from all clients). The Servlet should display the following information

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• Client Remote Address:
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The last two can be obtained from the HttpServletRequest, Refer to the Java EE API

then how can re-do these using the Java API for HttpSession.

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