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Sales of Android Tablets

0 votes

Currently we are pursuing manufacturers in China that produce Android Tablets. We wish to sell these tablets in the US market. After talking with various manufacturers, we have found that very few of them have gone through the compatibility testing with Android to use the Google Play Store. If we purchase these tablets for resale in the US are we allowed to market them as Android tablets and use the Google Play Store? What are the legal issues faced with this? We want to insure that we have the right to sell and use the Android name and Google Play Store.

posted May 17, 2013 by anonymous

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1 Answer

0 votes

In china, manufacturers are take less care about system and the software on top of android. they take solutions from SoC companies you need to figure out what solutions they are using. well-known Silicon Companies will ensure CTS tests.

answer May 20, 2013 by anonymous
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