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How and in what conditions Handover failure occurs and How to save or avoid such failures in LTE?

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How and in what conditions Handover failure occurs and How to save or avoid such failures in LTE?
posted Jun 9, 2015 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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Few scenarios what I know in the context of handover failure.
1 . Handover Preparation gets failed at target eNodeB, in that case target eNodeB sends "Handover Preparation Failure" to source eNodeB.
2. Handover Command (RRC Connection Reconfiguration) is received by UE when it could not latch on target eNodeB. This probably happens due to bad radio conditions.

In case of point 1, need to check the failure "cause" value and take the corrective action.
In case of point 2, need to adjust measurement config and reporting related parameters.

answer Jun 9, 2015 by Vimal Kumar Mishra
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In our market we are getting S1 HO failures to great extent but could not get the root cause if its eNB side or MME side.

How can we improve this S1 HO failures rate and if there is any feature that can be implemented to reduce the failures then please let us know.

0 votes

1 ->What are all the Handover failure situations in LTE ( apart from mentioned)

HO failure situations :- Like Target fails to
->get security context (mismatch in integrity/ciphering)
->max number of ue's in connected mode reached
->failed to admit atleast on erab n other

and what the message source eNodeB forwards to UE ( to inform a failure in handover) which leads to reestablishment ?

2->How or what are the possibilities that a UE fails to configure with RRC connection reconfiguration sent n does this happen only during Handover.

+4 votes

Different patents talks about radio link failure ratio and handover failure ratio...
Can any one list the difference and scenario for this type of failure to occur?