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Does GIT work with MS access forms, queries, tables, modules, etc?

+1 vote
Does GIT work with MS access forms, queries, tables, modules, etc?
posted Jun 8, 2015 by anonymous

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In my Unity project, there is a native plugin, and plugin's extension is .dll, and this plugin is under git version control, when Unity is running, the plugin file will be locked.

If I merge another branch, which contains modification of the plugin, git will report error, looks like:

error: unable to unlink old 'xxxxxxx/xxx.dll' (Permission denied)

This is not bad, however, the unfinished merge action will not revert by git, a lot of changes produced in repository. Usually it makes me crazy, even worse, some of my partners are not good at using git. Of course, this problem can be avoided by quit Unity, but not every time we can remember. In my opinion, git should revert the unfinished action when the error occurred, not just stop.

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If I create a git repo for multiple projects, for example ALL projects that my team works on, when they clone and pull, do they have to download all the files? Can they sort of selectively download the files they may want to read or work on?
The idea is I want to track a bunch of projects for my team ... so i was thinking to make a repo that contains something like this:


Then the entire team can contribute to any of the projects they may be working on, but they should not have to download every single file when they clone .. is that possible?
Basically I do not want to have to create a repo for every single project .. is that what people normally do?

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I've got a new developer who I'm concerned might hurt our git repository (by checking into master for example) if we give him r/w access to our bitbucket repo. I want him to be able to check in to his branch only and be able to merge master changes to his branch, but I don't want him to be able to commit to the master branch.

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Running "git rev-parse --show-toplevel" doesn't print anything when it is run inside .git dir (on all levels)

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with git I noticed when I removed a remote branch with git push origin --delete in my clone when I used git branch -a I don't the deleted branch but my colleagues still see it.

I tried with two clones in my PC, with the first one delete branch and the other still sees it despite git pull .

I use git version 2.9.4