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How to remove blank lines from a file using shell script or unix command?

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How to remove blank lines from a file using shell script or unix command?
posted Jun 8, 2015 by Amit Kumar Pandey

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2 Answers

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Unix Command:
$ grep -v '^$' File_Name > Temp_File | mv Temp_File File_Name

1) By grep option you can search the pattern of blank lines, i.e. '^$'
2) by -v option is takes a negation of the patter which you are searching by grep command.

$ grep -v '^$' File_Name > Temp_File

So, by above command you are identifying Non-Duplicate lines from your file and writing it to a Temp_File.

After that by piping command you are moving the data from your Temp_File to your Original File and hence your output would be achieved.

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answer Jul 28, 2015 by Arif Shaikh
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You can use any one of the following utility to delete all empty lines from text file:

[a] sed command

[b] awk command

[c] perl command

The syntax is:

command input.txt > output.txt

command [option] input.txt > output.txt

sed '...' input.txt > output.txt

## Gnu/sed
sed -i '...' input.txt

awk '...' input.txt > output.txt

sed command examples

Type the following sed command to delete all empty files:

sed '/^$/d' input.txt > output.txt
cat output.txt


sed -i '/^$/d' input.txt
cat input.txt

awk command examples

Type the following awk command to delete all empty files:

awk 'NF > 0' input.txt > output.txt
cat output.txt

perl command examples

Type the following perl one liner to delete all empty files and save orignal file as input.txt.backup:

perl -i.backup -n -e "print if /\S/" input.txt

Verify updated files, type:

cat input.txt
cat input.txt.backup

answer Jun 11, 2015 by Manikandan J
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