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Which NAS message is sent by UE to establish a dedicated bearer in LTE network ?

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I want to know what are all signalling message exchange between LTE network nodes while establishing a dedicated bearer ?

posted May 31, 2015 by Harshita

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2 Answers

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For UE initiated dedicated bearer creation, UE sends Bearer Resource Allocation Request to MME.

Please find more detail from below link.

answer Jun 1, 2015 by Veer Pal Singh Yadav
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The Create Bearer Request is used to create a dedicated bearer in LTE.

Extract from 3GPP

The direction of this message shall be from PGW to SGW and from SGW to MME/S4-SGSN, and from PGW to ePDG
The Create Bearer Request message shall be sent on the S5/S8 interface by the PGW to the SGW and on the S11 interface by the SGW to the MME as part of the Dedicated Bearer Activation procedure.
The message shall also be sent on the S5/S8 interface by the PGW to the SGW and on the S4 interface by the SGW to the SGSN as part of the Secondary PDP Context Activation procedure or the Network Requested Secondary PDP Context Activation procedure.

The message shall also be sent on the S2b interface by the PGW to the ePDG as part of the Dedicated S2b bearer activation with GTP on S2b.

answer Jun 2, 2015 by Saurabh Srivastava
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When this message is sent by Network to an UE ? There are couple of optional IEs within the message, what significance of their presence within the message ?

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There are couple of procedures are defined which consist of NAS as well as RRC signalling messages exchange.
Some of the NAS message sends to an UE through RRC Connection Reconfiguration message as piggybacked and some as DL Info transfer.

I want to know, Is there any procedure exists in lte when an UE receives RRC Connection Reconfiguration along with NAS message and responds back to network with NAS message first and then Reconfiguration Complete to eNodeB.

Usually, I saw UE sends RRC Connection Reconfiguration Complete message first then NAS response message.

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I was looking into NAS header. First four bits are used for security header type. Few values I understood but one value I could not understand which was 1100 saying "security header for service request message". I could not understand why such thing is defined only for service request message not for the other messages ?