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Hive update functionality for External tables

+2 votes

With the version 0.14 Hive supports Update functionality. I have tried updating a internal table and it works just like RDBMS Update command( though it takes more time to update).

Please let me know if it is possible to UPDATE the EXTERNAL TABLES IN HIVE.

posted May 28, 2015 by anonymous

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I am trying to load JSON data into Hive using hcatalog JsonSerDe. I have created the table, but when I use LOAD DATA INPATH command to load 8 records into the table. However, SELECT * shows 16 records in the table, each record duplicated. Why is this happening?

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I'm a freshman in hadoop world. After some struggling, i've successfully make hadoop 2.6 running on my windows 7 laptop.

However when I want to run hive 1.0.0 on my win 7 system, I found there is no cmd line script as provided for linux. It's also hard to find any useful message in google.

Anyone can provide me any clue on how to run hive on window 7?

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I am using hive queries on structured RC file. Can someone please let me know the key performance parameters that I have to tune for better query performance (HADOOP 2.3/ YARN AND HIVE 0.13).

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I want to use hive in hadoop2.2.0, so I execute following steps:

$ tar ¨Cxzf hive-0.11.0.tar.gz 
$ export HIVE_HOME=/home/software/hive 
$ export PATH=${HIVE_HOME}/bin:${PATH} 
$ hadoop fs -mkdir /tmp
$ hadoop fs -mkdir /user/hive/warehouse 
$ hadoop fs -chmod g+w /tmp
$ hadoop fs -chmod g+w /user/hive/warehouse 
$ hive

Error creating temp dir in hadoop.tmp.dir file:/home/software/temp due to Permission denied

How to make hive install success?