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Is Diameter protocol compatible with nginx?

+2 votes

Is Diameter protocol compatible with nginx? if yes then how do we integrate with nginx? if not then how to use tacacs+ with nginx?

posted May 21, 2015 by anonymous

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Some techies tell that diameter supports better roaming as compare to radius protocol. Can someone please explain why it is called ?

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Can some one provide the list of interfaces of LTE or UMTS in which diameter protocol is used?

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We have a single GPRS session with two Rating Groups (e.g. 53 for a specific service and 54 for any service). OCS will send a FUI with redirection when Package reaches credit limit (4012) only for navigation through RG 54 (redirection based on Rating Group).

If OCS answers 4012 and sends FUI with redirection to SGSN for this session, then the user chooses to keep wholesale navigation at the redirection portal, the SGSN sends de ReAuth request only for RG 54 but OCS keeps waiting for RAR for RG 53 and it is needed to re-establish a new session to keep navigating through RG 53. How can we make it to keep navigation in RG 53 after redirection with another RG?