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Digital camera is connected to the android device, Stop launching gallery?

0 votes

When digital camera is connected to the android device. Gallery will launch automatically. Here what i need is to stop the auto launch of gallery when camera is connected to the device. Does any one know how to stop this?

posted Jul 30, 2013 by Sumit Pokharna

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I am not sure if this is possible from the settings

1 Answer

0 votes

You need to recompile Gallery2 apk with removed intents for CAMERA, because Gallery2 starts Camera apk when it hears CAMERA Intents.

answer Jul 31, 2013 by anonymous
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Hi,Recently I made an app which takes photo and set to an ImageView in android.In samsung phone its orientation is 90 while camera intent opens so I used ExifInterface with four case 90/180/270/0 with normal case (0 degree) but when I compiled this method,its working perfect in all samsung device which is setting image after reverse rotate 90 to ImageView but not with others like moto/redmi/asus/karbonn I checked on each phone and there is an error that they are not getting bitmap.but when I removed ExifInterface and orientation,it started to work with all devices.but same issue with samsung device that setting image in ImageView with 90 degree orientation.
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Please give a work flow, java code is not necessary.