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If UE is moving from cell1 to cell2 within a same Enb,we go for handover or cell reselection?

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If UE is moving from cell1 to cell2 within a same Enb,we go for handover or cell reselection?
posted May 16, 2015 by Gnanendra Reddy

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1 Answer

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For given situation UE go for Intra eNB Handover .In this case Under same eNB while UE moving from One Cell to another cell just it do measurement report of event A3. and does the Handover.

answer May 16, 2015 by Sivakumar.d
Hello Siva, It means that UE shall receive RRC connection reconfiguration  message with mobility control info IE. Is my understanding correct ?
Hello Harshita,
Yes absolutely through RRC connection Reconfiguration message UE will get Triggering event info,report interval and Neighbor Cell List from eNodeB. Where as in Measurement Report the UE will give Serving cell(Signal strength),Neighbor Cell(PCI,Signal Strenghth,ECGI,TAI) so that EnodeB will decide the Hand over decision.
Hello siva &Harshita ,we know that Handover is between 2 enbs but here i mentioned between 2 cells of same enb if you say handover how handover messages will be exchanged for single enb ?will you clarify this
For a single eNB,this situation is called inter cell H.O where a same carrier frequency is available from Both cells(cell1 and cell2).
While UE doing it's activity in connected mode(RRC and ECM) if Neighbor cell signal strength is good than present serving then UE send measurement report to eNb.So that eNB will take the action.As we know the mobility of  UE can know by the MME exact eNb at Cell level.Based on that While connected mode just it does the Measurement report and in new cell it get the resources and remaining flow is same as after H.O completion process(normal data transmisssion b/w UE and eNb)

flow will be like below way...
Measurement Configuration/control    UE <-- eNB
Measurement Report            UE -->eNB
Handover Decision            eNb (Makes decisions on target cells and handover types (intra Enb H.O)
RRC connection Reconfiguration request  UE <-- eNB
RRC connection Reconfiguration complete UE -->eNB
<<<<As usual data transmission>>>>
hope this may help to you.
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Thanks ,


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