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Parsing a email attachment over SSL

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I get a daily email attachment to my Gmail account which I want to automatically download. I found the following Perl script which does just that:

The above script uses the following syntax to search the messages via IMAP:

my @messages = $imap->search(SUBJECT => $today);

In my case, I want to search on two criteria, subject and date. I tried various ways such as:

 my @messages = $imap->search(SUBJECT => $subject, ON => $today);    
 my @messages = $imap->search({SUBJECT => $subject, ON => $today});
 my @messages = $imap->search("SUBJECT => $subject, ON => $today");

but none of these worked. How can I search on multiple criteria using Mail::IMAPClient?

posted Jul 29, 2013 by Mandeep Sehgal

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1 Answer

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The documentation for Mail::IMAPClient says that the search() method arguments are appended to an IMAP SEARCH command. I think if you look at the relevent section of the IMAP RFC ( you'll find some examples similar to what you're doing.

You probably also want to heed the note in the Mail::IMAPClient documentation about how to distinguish a legit search that returns zero hits versus a search that fails.

answer Jul 30, 2013 by Sheetal Chauhan
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