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Smart scheduling for webapp tester?

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I'm looking into a robust solution for web application testing. While selenium is great for the actual testing, I'm thinking of a scheduler as the final piece in the pipeline. Let's say I have 4 websites that I need to test periodically, A, B, C, D. I'd like to be able to define things like "run the tests for site A once a day" or "run the tests for site B twice a day indefinitely" or "run the tests for site C twice a week between now and 2 months from now" or "run the tests for site C once a week between May 25 and June 21".

What would be the right scheduling tool for this? I know about the standard tools like cron, sched, etc, and first even wrote one myself (which became of course unmanageable after a short while :)) but was hoping a more sophisticated tool is available.

Any suggestions?

posted May 12, 2015 by anonymous

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