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Any idea about the goal of project Fi started by google ?

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Any idea about the goal of project Fi started by google ?
posted Apr 28, 2015 by Sachidananda Sahu

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Its a first step towards being a telco :), google founder has a long dream of seeing Google as a Telcom Service Provider. Actually Google already has a "Right of Way" in one or more big cities of US.
Yes salil its towards business point of view but any clarification towards technology side ? How it do and what is the technology behind it ?

1 Answer

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Let me explain a bit about the Fi and its goal -
1. Saving money isn’t really the goal of Project Fi.
2. The service’s true goal is to change the way we think about wireless data service.

Lets see it in totality -
The goal of Project Fi is change the perception that telcos are very important. There are a couple ways Google enforces this notion.
1. Between the two carriers, Project Fi simply picks the fastest one, which is something no other wireless service can do.
2. But in many cases, users won’t need telcos i.e. Project Fi can route calls and text messages over Wi-Fi. This routing not only includes home Wi-Fi networks, but public hotspots that Google deems fast and reliable. Project Fi forms an automatic, encrypted connection that doesn’t count against the user’s data plan. So in short Whether it’s Wi-Fi or mobile broadband, best connection should win.
3. The other way Google de-emphasizes traditional carriers is by storing users’ phone numbers in the cloud. Instead of being tied to one smartphone, the number will let people reach users on tablets and laptops across all the major computing platforms.

answer Apr 28, 2015 by Salil Agrawal
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