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How can I create a libreoffice spreadsheet with perl?

+1 vote

There seem to be two modules for it, yet none of them seems to let you do it --- if they do, the documentation doesn't have any example of how to do it.

The alternative seems to be to write MS excel files, and I don't really want to resort to that.

posted Apr 27, 2015 by Mandeep Sehgal

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I need to access ClearQuest programatically using Perl. I just found ClearQuest OSLC REST API. Client is planning to use ClearQuest web 7.1.1. I read that it comes with OSLC REST API out the box.
Can someone please provide me some examples on how I can access the CQ through Perl using this API.

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Im working on a work project where we are moving a few Perl scripts from a command line to a web page that will allow more users to access the tool. Basically its a very simple script that takes an updated CSV feed, runs a internal test, then reports back the numbers from the test.
Ideally, we would like to have this run from a web page instead of from the command line as more people would like to access the tool but dont want to give everyone shell access. But the question is how should we build out this web page? In college I did some CGI Perl writing but it looks like (I could be wrong) that this is no longer the standard, and more people recommend going with Dancer, Mojolicious or Catalyst.
If anyone could provide suggestions to get started that would be great.

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