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Want to know the more details about TDLTE but could not locate any good pointer (Wiki does not have much info) any pointer/link/book. Thanks for your time.

closed with the note: The answer is specified in comment box.
posted Jul 26, 2013 by Amit Parthsarthi

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What is the difference/relationship between Physical Cell ID (PCI) and Physical Layer Identity and Physical layer cell identity group number?

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Hi All,

It is mentioned in different websites that in LTE max. of 8 DRB can be established per UE. But as per page 652 of 36.331 V13.2.0, the max no. of DRB is 11.
"maxDRB INTEGER ::= 11 -- Maximum number of Data Radio Bearers"

Based on what source are we saying that max. DRB in LTE is 8 and not 11.

It was mentioned in one of the old threads the following:

If EPS bearer ID is = x +4 ;
DRB ID = x;
Logical Channel ID = x + 2

I found the above relationship of DRB ID & EPS Bearer ID to be true for one of the eNB vendors but not for another one.

EPS ID is 5 and DRB ID is 4 instead of 1. Can somebody comment in this?
NOTE : All these ranges is with respect to DRB establishment

EPS Bearer ID Range is INTEGER (0..15) (But 0-4 is reserved so we use starting from 5 )
DRB ID Range is INTEGER (1..32) (As in LTE max 8 DRB can be established per UE so we use from 1-8)
Logical Channel ID range for DRBs is INTEGER (3..10) ( For for DRB1 we use 3 as logical channed ID)


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I am getting downlink UE throughput much greater than downlink cell throughput. Is this possible to get higher UE throughput than cell throughput? I am using below formula for calculations:

DL UE throughput (kbps) = (pdcpvolDL Drb - PdcpVolDlDrbLastTTI)/UeThpTimeDl/1000

DL Cell throughput (kbps)= PdcpVolDlDrb/SchedActivityCellDl/1000

Also what is the best metric that i can use to get the actual user throughput experience in network.