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Differentiate linear from non linear data structure?

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Differentiate linear from non linear data structure?
posted Apr 7, 2015 by Anwar

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1 Answer

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Linear data fashion- Linked list is an example of linear data storage or structure. Linked list stores data in an organized a linear fashion. They store data in the form of a list.

Non Linear data structure- Tree data structure is an example of a non linear data structure. A tree has one node called as root node that is the starting point that holds data and links to other nodes.

Define a linear and non linear data structure.

Linear data structure: A linear data structure traverses the data elements sequentially, in which only one data element can directly be reached. Ex: Arrays, Linked Lists

Non-Linear data structure: Every data item is attached to several other data items in a way that is specific for reflecting relationships. The data items are not arranged in a sequential structure. Ex: Trees, Graphs

Linear data structure is a structure wherein data elements are adjacent to each other. Examples of linear data structure include arrays, linked lists, stacks and queues. On the other hand, non-linear data structure is a structure wherein each data element can connect to more than two adjacent data elements. Examples of non linear data structure include trees and graphs

answer Apr 8, 2015 by Mohammed Hussain
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