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Does all MME belong to a pool have connection with eNodeB belongs to the same pool ?

+5 votes

Is this mandatory ?

posted Mar 27, 2015 by Vimal Kumar Mishra

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1 Answer

+1 vote

Not sure but based on my understanding of LTE architecture, eNodeB belongs to a particular MME pool should have connection with all MME's of pool. eNodeB does load balancing between MME when it sends Initial UE Message to a particular MME if it doesn't receives GUMMEI information from UE in RRC connection setup complete.

Looking for comments/answers from others.

answer Mar 30, 2015 by Harshita
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If my following understanding is correct then please provide your comment/answer.
- S1 setup procedure is done by at eNodeB level rather than a cell level granularity.
- All the cells belong to same eNodeB follow the same DRX configuration.

+1 vote

Which message EnodeB will communicate to MME after Receiving the Reestablishment Complete message from UE. what else messages will transverse between EnodeB and MME, before sending Reconfiguration message to UE from EnodeB after Reestablishment complete message has been received at EnodeB.

+4 votes

There are couple of procedures are defined which consist of NAS as well as RRC signalling messages exchange.
Some of the NAS message sends to an UE through RRC Connection Reconfiguration message as piggybacked and some as DL Info transfer.

I want to know, Is there any procedure exists in lte when an UE receives RRC Connection Reconfiguration along with NAS message and responds back to network with NAS message first and then Reconfiguration Complete to eNodeB.

Usually, I saw UE sends RRC Connection Reconfiguration Complete message first then NAS response message.