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Where to add action when getting started with rails

0 votes

I'm a complete noob when it comes to Rails, and Ruby for that matter. I've been trying to make my way through the Getting Started with Rails page on the RoR Guides site

In section 5.7 of that page it says the following:

If you submit the form again now, Rails will complain about not finding the show action. That's not very useful though, so let's add the show action before proceeding.

post GET /posts/:id(.:format) posts#show

The problem I'm having is I don't know where to put this line of code. Does it go in /config/routes.rb? If so, where?

posted Jul 24, 2013 by anonymous

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1 Answer

0 votes

Rails guides are merely guides to using various features of rails, and not a guide to learning rails from a beginner's POV. For that, I highly recommend, which is a free online book.

answer Jul 24, 2013 by anonymous
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