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getting git from is failing

+1 vote

git clone
Cloning into 'git'...
error: Unable to get pack index
error: Unable to get pack file
The requested URL returned error: 404 Not found
error: Unable to find bce6db96a333c2d47b07580c5a9207cf10935378 under
Cannot obtain needed blob bce6db96a333c2d47b07580c5a9207cf10935378
while processing commit 5addd1c7531cc644787cd562a3c22a3b714c7d77.
error: Fetch failed.

any clue

posted Jul 23, 2013 by anonymous

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1 Answer

0 votes

That's weird. We shouldn't be fetching an index at all unless dumb http is in use. When I try to clone from the URL above, I also get shunted to dumb-http (and the repo on the server appears to be poorly packed).

But if I go to:

then smart HTTP works fine. I wonder if there is a problem in the cgit setup on (or if it was even intended that you could fetch from the cgit URL at all; the cgit page shows the clone URLs in /pub/scm/git).

answer Jul 23, 2013 by anonymous
Similar Questions
0 votes

for my Linux-kernel build-script I am searching for a reliable check of getting the latest version.
This could be 'v3.x.y-stable' or 'v3.x.y-rcX'.

'git tag' seems to be fast, but not reliable.
'git log --oneline' is slow, but does the job.

For getting v3.x.y-stable this seems to work...

$ git tag | grep ^'v3.[0-9]*' | grep -v '-rc' | sort --version-sort

...but not when listing v3.x.y-rcX, too:

$ git tag | grep ^'v3.[0-9]*' | sort --version-sort | grep ^'v3.10'

I know that v3.10 > v3.10-rcX, but not 'git tag' or 'sort --version-sort' :-). This seems from my poor sed/awk/grep skills to be the most reliable method...

$ time git log --oneline v3.0-rc1.. | grep 'Linux 3.' | awk '{ print
$3 }' | grep ^'3.[0-9]*' | head -1

real 0m10.024s
user 0m5.611s
sys 0m4.857s

...but is slow (even I take v3.0-rc1 as the 1st version-tag of Linux-v3.x series).

Any improvements?

+2 votes

When does git shows message "nothing added to commit but untracked files present " ?

+2 votes

Suppose I create a new local branch and name it "mybranch" and made some changes in some files. I commit the changes, checked out to master branch, merged "mybranch" with master branch and pushed the changes to master.

I checked out back to "mybranch", now is there anyway to get the list of files in which I made the changes?

+1 vote

In git version (in arch) I'm getting this message when doing git commit -a

fatal: empty ident name (for ) not allowed

I get this message in a brand new repository. I'm getting the same message in Ubuntu 12.10 which has

The message suggests I do


 git config --global ""
 git config --global "Your Name"    to set your account's default identity.

but I've done this

[tim@newton git_scratchpad]$ git config -l

git works as I expect on another machine with 1.7.9. I'm at my wits end and I don't know what to do.

0 votes

I have a problem with an already committed file into my repo. This git repo was converted from svn to git some years ago. Last week I have change some lines in a file and I saw in the diff that it is marked as binary (it's a simple .cpp file). I think on the first commit it was detected as an utf-16 file (on windows). But no matter what I do I can't get it back to a "normal text" text file (git does not detect that), but I is now only utf-8. I also replace the whole content of the file with just 'a' and git say it's binary.

Is the only way to get it back to text-mode?:
* copy a utf-8 version of the original file
* delete the file
* make a commit
* add the old file as a new one

I think that will work but it will also break my history.

Is there a better way to get these behavior without losing history?