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X2 setup failure, no sctp assocation seen?

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Its seen that X2 setup is not working, both enodebs can ping each other but no sctp assocation seen.

It is successful only sometimes when both nodebs are rebooted, What could be the reason.?

posted Mar 19, 2015 by anonymous

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Seems to be a SCTP association issue, check the wireshark and look for SCTP INIT, INIT-ACK, COOKIE and COOKIE ACK you may get a clue.
No response to SCTP INIT
Unfortunately I dont have the access to wireshark, check if in your setting one guy a supposed to initiate the connection and other to respond and if wrong guy is initiating SCTP init and other guy is not configured to respond then association would never be done. This is a wild guess, SCTP association not been completed may have many reasons. Please provide more information to make a guess...
Both eNBs are configured as neighbors of each other connection status is set as allowed in each eNB.

sctp succeeds only if both eNBs are up within 15 seconds of each other
This problem has no relation with X2, its a SCTP or box config issue.
Unfortunately from the provided info its difficult to guess what could be the problem. Please provide more info :)
sctp error observed is
SCTP : connectx failure: errno: 99

Where do i find what this errno 99 means
You need to check the errno.h most probably should be EADDRNOTAVAIL but definite answer would be from errno.h
thank you. it helps. when would such error occur EADDRNOTAVAIL
No idea why your system is saying address is not available (hope you have cross checked 99 for EADDRNOTVALID from your errno.h)

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Hi All,

I am facing X2 setup failures in some sites. What will be possible reasons apart from transport issues. Can we optimize the issue from RF perspective? Kindly help me in this