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Why we are not looking forward to create gesture controlled Android OS?

+3 votes

Why we are not looking forward to create gesture controlled Android OS ?
Using 3D camera's we can map Interaction with gestures.

posted Mar 14, 2015 by Luv Kumar

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I want Android OS with no usable features, the only task the OS would have is to turn on and redirect the user to a APP.

Here are the steps
1. The user turns on the phone
2. The OS is loading as the phone turns on. When it's on you enter the homescreen.
3. You see the homescreen with a logo as background in a few seconds as the app loads
4. App has loaded and the OS opens the APP
5. The APP opens and inside the app is all the features.

You can now use the phone to it's intended task, and it's not possible to quit the app.

Any suggestion would be helpful?

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Why is not active noise cancellation built into the operating system itself? Is there a reason handsets does not have active noise cancellation electronics or software built into them?

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