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Source IP address of SCTP INIT chunk and the IPv4 address parameter inside SCTP INIT chunk

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I would like to ask about the IP address on dource IP address of SCTP INIT chunk and the IPv4 address parameter inside SCTP INIT chunk.

If the source IP of the SCTP INIT chunk is, but the IP address INSIDE the INIT chunk, i.e. the IPv4 address parameter, is using a different IP address, says, what will be happened?

I did a testing on a SCTP server and client environment, and it seems the SCTP server tried to send INIT_ACK back to the source IP to the client, i.e. the destination IP address is but somehow, the SCTP server generate two HEARTBEAT request, one to and one to

Is it a problem on our SCTP server application? any idea on this?

posted Mar 11, 2015 by anonymous

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I have one test case in which I have 2 interfaces on each machine (two hosts). One is working as server and one is as client.

If in server I make one interface as public (IP address 164.x.x.x) then the server sends reset to the client).

So question is does SCTP support association between public to private range IP address?

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I am using LKSCTP in my project, one sometime I see that by box receives About chunk from the peer. Now question is what are the possibilities for which we can receive abort chunk from remote.

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I am currently trying to make an association with otter vendor's system. but it is failed. The engineer of peer side requests me to set checksum parameter into INIT Ack. message we sent.

Q1. is it possible to differently set checksum value for each associations on linux-sctp?
Q2.a. If it is possible to set checksum separately, how to set the flag either use or not?
Q2.b. If it is NOT possible, we MUST turn the checksum feature on for whole association? how to do that? I am using lksctp-1.0.10-7 on Linux 2.6.32-432 (RHEL6).

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Consider a case where eNB has only one IP address and it has to act as both SCTP server and SCTP client. Then, how can we do this using same port number as source and destination "36422" (as mention in 3GPP spec 36.422)?