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Problems installing Hadoop on Windows 7 enterprise N

+3 votes

Currently I'm trying to install Hadoop 2.6.0 on a Windows 7 enterprise computer. I used the following guide

I already fixed some previous problems by installing a correct version of Protocol Buffer. But now ran into a new problem.

        [HELP 1] 

I searched the internet and found that perhaps my MSBuild was causing the problem, but I check my PATH and it contained the MSBuild path to the correct location. I'm using .Net Framework 4.0

I tried running "mvn clean install" and from the tests I got the following errors.

Test set:
Tests run: 14, Failures: 0, Errors: 2, Skipped: 0, Time elapsed: 33.35 sec 

Any suggestion on how to proceed.

posted Mar 9, 2015 by anonymous

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+2 votes

I'm a freshman in hadoop world. After some struggling, i've successfully make hadoop 2.6 running on my windows 7 laptop.

However when I want to run hive 1.0.0 on my win 7 system, I found there is no cmd line script as provided for linux. It's also hard to find any useful message in google.

Anyone can provide me any clue on how to run hive on window 7?

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I can't find any information on how possible or difficult it is to install Hadoop as a single node on Windows 8 running Oracle Java 8. The tutorial on Hadoop 2 on Windows mentions neither Windows 8 nor Java 8.

Is there anything known about this?

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Please let me know if it's feasible to have hadoop cluster with data nodes running on multiple Operating systems. For instance few data nodes running on windows server and others on linux based OS (RHEL,centOS).

If above scenario is feasible then please provide configuration settings required in various xml files(hdfs-site.xml,core-site.xml,mapred-site.xml,yarn-site.xml) and environment files( for windows and linux data nodes and namenode.

+3 votes

Few questions about the new Hadoop release regarding YARN:

  1. Does YARN need to run on the same machines that are hosting the HDFS services or can HDFS be remote of a YARN cluster? If this done by placing the remote HDFS clusters configuration files (core-site.xml and hdfs-site.xml) on the YARN clusters machines?

  2. According to, Hadoop 2.2.0 supports Microsoft Windows. How do/Can you configure YARN for secure container isolation in Windows? It seems that the ContainerExecutor and DefaultContainerExecutor can detect and run on Windows, but the secure LinuxContainerExecutor are for *nix systems, so is there anything in place for maximum security like LCE is?

  3. If 1 is yes, then is it possible to have a cluster mixed with both Linux and Windows machines running YARN and working together?

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