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What could be the proper approach to read a file (say fread) of unknown size?

+3 votes

If you use fread to read a file of unknown size with a set buffer size of say 500 bytes, when you get to the end of the file you are likely to read a stub of 500 bytes of info and the eof marker.

And fread will not read that block and set and oef that can be read with feof. That is how I understand, so we can either use fseek to discover the file size and fread accordingly or use fstat?

Is this the proper approach?

posted Mar 9, 2015 by anonymous

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I need to write into a file for a project which will be evaluated on the basis of time. What is the fastest way to write 200 Mb of data, accumulated as a list into a file.

Presently I am using this:

with open('index.txt','w') as f:

where data is a list of strings which I want to dump into the index.txt file

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When opening a file, you'd say whether you want to read or write to a file. This is fine, but say for example later on in the program I change my mind and I want to write to a file instead of reading it. Yes, I could just say 'r+w' when opening the file, but what if I don't know if I'm going to do both? What if I have the user decide, and then later on I let the user change this.

Is it possible to do so without opening the file again and using the same file object?

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