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How to boost git performance on Windows

+1 vote

Has anyone got ideas to boost the git performance on windows? I am testing git on windows 2012 64 bit server (testing environment) with latest git 1.8.3. Intel Xeon @2.5 GHz 12 cores (24 threads) with 32 GB RAM.
Here are the tweaks ive done so far :- uninstall non critical software- disable firewall - not using any antivirus - disable non critical windows services- set windows performance options ==> "adjust for best performance"- use git portable- disabled the UAC

Compared to the git performance on linux, the git on windows are wayyyy slower.Example on linux : 1 min, on windows : 13 mins. Please suggest other improvements?

posted Jul 22, 2013 by anonymous

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1 Answer

+1 vote

I've noticed that sometimes file accesses on Windows can be remarkably slow on machines connected to an AD domain. I'm not experienced enough to know *why*, but if the machines you are using are in a
domain it might worth a shot to just pull them out temporarily. If it makes a significant difference you'll have to dig more into the system settings to find out why that is.

answer Jul 22, 2013 by anonymous
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I'm try to Git Server on my windows machine, From Google I get only how to install GIT GUI only.

For testing I need to make my window machine as GIT server, can any please provide me the GIT Server S/W location and installation guide PDF or URL.

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We are using git-1.8.2 version for version control. It is an centralized server and git status takes too long

How to improve the performance of git status

Git repo details:
Size of the .git folder is 8.9MB
Number of commits approx 53838 (git rev-list HEAD --count)
Number of branches - 330
Number of files - 63883
Working tree clone size is 4.3GB

time git status shows
real 0m23.673s
user 0m9.432s
sys 0m3.793s

then after 5 mins
real 0m4.864s
user 0m1.417s
sys 0m4.710s

And I have experimented the following ways
- - Setting core.ignorestat to true
- - Git gc &git clean
- - Shallow clone €“ Reducing number of commits
- - Clone only one branch
- Git repacking - git repack -ad && git prune
- - Cold/warm cache

Could you please let me know, what are the ways to improve the git performance ?

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For weeks I have been running Windows 10 tech preview and EVERYTHING loads and runs great ... except maybe Git. When I click on the installer/loader file in explorer it causes explorer to crash. Anyone out the a Windows 10 insider, or can anyone comment on ...

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I normally use git on linux, though I have an installation on a Windows 7 laptop.When using it yesterday to clone a repository on my linux machine, the clonewould open with one of the files modified. I could not undo the modification. Repeated cloning would do the same thing. I then tried cloning from the originalrepo, but using a linux partition on that laptop. It worked fine. Any idea why theWindows git doesn't work?

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I am new to GIT and trying to configure apache for git on windows, so that I can set it up to use over http protocol. I have tried quite hard, however, still missing here and there.
Can anyone please let me know, how to set it up step-by-step in apache including authentication and authorization? Also, how to integrate it with Ldap?