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Give a difference between a powerhouse and a repository server?

+1 vote

Give a difference between a powerhouse and a repository server?

posted Feb 27, 2015 by Amit Sharma

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1 Answer

0 votes

Informatica Server and PowerCenter Server both mean the same. It is concerned with running of sessions and workflows.
The Repository Server or the Informatica Rep Server is concerned with connecting to the repository through the Rep Agent. One Repository Server can connect to many repositories at a time.
For the PowerCenter Server to be up and working , it is necessary that the Repository Server is running.

Power Center is product of Informatica. Its advantage is build it once and deploy it anywhere. In Informatica Architecture we have 3 major components called:
1. Client tools (designer,workflow manager and workflow monitor).
2. Repository server: It stores the meta data(data about the data). All the information stored by Informatica but job done by Informatica server.
3. Informatica server: In this all the extract and loding done but it does not know anything about what is source, targeta and transformation.

answer Feb 27, 2015 by Amit Kumar Pandey
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What is the difference between repository database backup (using e.g Oracle backup command) and a backup made using Informatica Administrator (Actions --> Repository Contents --> Backup)?

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I have a powercenter 9.1 installation on windows server 2008 R2. The repository is on the same box, hosted on sql server 2012. I have configured a new user (with sql server authentication) and have the repo db owned by that user. (it has the owner role)

The core problem : I am not able to run a simple test workflow on this setup.

Here's what I have been trying

The windows firewall has been taken down now for about an hour or so.

The repository service and integration service are running in trace/debug mode respectively.

The integration service log complains that it cant find a certain session for a certain workflow in certain folder (with ids for all of them).

When I log into sql server mgmt console, and try to query the repository tables for those exact items (since i have the ids from logs), all the data is present...

I fail to understand what is that I am messing up

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can anyone tell me what is difference between creating & running the workflow in client and server. Thanks in advance.

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