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what is the major difference between UMTS and LTE in protocols?

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what is the major difference between UMTS and LTE in protocols?
posted Jul 21, 2013 by Giri Prasad

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which side Access or Core Network???

1 Answer

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Let me try to respond though it is a very broad question -
In access network there is not much change except the PDCP also appears between RRC and RLC/MAC though there is a change in the functionality of each protocol. (PHY is the major change which is OFDMA//SCFDMA as compare to WCDMA)
For detail please look at the following link

In core network protocol part is changed a lot, whole SS7/SIGTRAN based stacks i.e. CAP/MAP/IN etc are replaced by the diameter based interface. RANAP is replaced by the S1AP, X1AP/X2AP are the new additions. GTP-C been upgraded to GTP-Cv2 and a lot more. Please see the following link for comprehensive picture (Page 9)

answer Jul 21, 2013 by Kevin Peterson
Hi Kevin,
Thanks for sharing the links and your valuable information.
I want to knw what are the major changes  happen in UE side when compare to umts and lte(Mainly in L2 & L3 Layers,NAS).pls let me know.
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