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How to redirect to a specific page when using Rails

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I have Rails version 2.3.8.I am using Netbeans 6.9.1 as IDE. I want to redirect localhost:3000 to a specific page. I opened routes.rb file and uncommented the line

 map.root :controller => "Welcome"

I created a controller named Welcome and a view named index. I also deleted the default index file as suggested in some of the websites.However, the page is not getting redirected to new index page. What is the problem??

posted Jul 21, 2013 by anonymous

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Did you remove public/index.html?

1 Answer

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If it is not getting redirected then what do you see instead?

Also what do you see in development.log when you try to go to the page.

If you are new to Rails then if you have not already done so then work right through a good tutorial such as (which is free to use online). That will show you the basics of rails.

answer Jul 21, 2013 by anonymous
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