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Python testing tools

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I am currently doing some research on testing software for Python. I found that there are many different types of testing tools. These are what I've found.

1.Unit test
2.Mock test
3.Fuzz test
4.Web test
5.Acceptance/business logic test
6.GUI test
7.Source code checking
8.Code coverage
9.Continuous integration
10.Automatic test runners
11.Test fixtures

I know web and GUI testing tools are for specific uses. For instance, if you are not working with GUI or web pages, you don't need those testing tools. Other than these two, do you use all of the other nine testing tools? I think many of you are using unit testing tools, such as unittest and doctest, and source code checking tools, like pylint or pychecker. Want to know the opinion of the people on above test tools.

posted Jul 19, 2013 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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answer Jul 20, 2013 by anonymous
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I am new to python development and I want to know what kinds of tools people use for python development. I went to Python website and found several tools.

  1. Automated Refactoring Tools
  2. Bug Tracking
  3. Configuration And BuildTools
  4. Distribution Utilities
  5. Documentation Tools
  6. Integrated Development Environments
  7. Python Debuggers
  8. Python Editors
  9. Python Shells
  10. Test Software
  11. Useful Modules
  12. Version Control

What else do I need? Also, which software is used in daily base? I know version control software and bug tracking software are used almost everyday by developers. Which software is used less often?

Also, I will use GUI interface for Python. What kind of widget toolkits do you recommend? I know there are GTK+ and Qt.