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How to get server user in PHP?

+2 votes

I've been looking over the output from phpinfo to find a way to portably get the server user name. It is not obvious to me...

Can I get that from an $_ENV or $_SERVER value?

I have a web base cms system with a file editor and want to test for ownership of the files and directories
without having to hard code the server name.

I can get file owner ship but if I want to verify it is the server user account, I would do:
(pseudo code)

$_name = getOwner()
if($_name == < portable reference to server user name>)
 // proceed

This would be for enhanced access permissions analysis. If a file is being written to by the server user (via php code) it would be helpful to determine that to forstall error message generation.

posted Feb 17, 2015 by Sanketi Garg

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