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UE needs to read which MIB/SIB in idle mode when return from no coverage area?

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UE needs to read which MIB/SIB in idle mode when return from no coverage area?
posted Feb 16, 2015 by Veer Pal Singh Yadav

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1 Answer

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UE need not to read MIB/SIB Because UE will check if any stored plmns available if it is there it goes for cell reselection procedure here UE need Sib3 Information

answer Feb 17, 2015 by Gnanendra Reddy
Will ue used the stored SIB3 infor? then how UE will get to know the stored SIB3 is updated SIB3? It may be be possible that during no coverage area SIB has modified.
In my opinion, after coming back to coverage, UE will use stored plmn to do reselection if this fails then it will read MIB/SIB and then do reselection.

System information change is indicated in sysinfo value tag if this is set to 1 in SIB1 then UE will know that SI is updated or there is new SI
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