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Posting to WordPress from a Perl script?

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Do you know if there is a working module that can be used to post to WordPress from a Perl script? I've seen that all the modules that contain WordPress are very old.

I need to install that module under a Perl built with Perlbrew. I tried to install WordPress, WordPress::API, but they both depend on WordPress::XMLRPC which depends on SOAP::Lite which depends on XML::Parser which can't be installed because of the error "expat.h - no such file or directory".
I also tried to install XML::Parser::Expat but it gives the same error.

By curiosity I searched for a Python module, and I found python-wordpress-xmlrpc, I installed it very fast and easy, I found that it offers more features than the Perl module WordPress, I tested a sample script I found on the web, and it worked very well.

posted Jul 19, 2013 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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If you can figure out the exact parameters that Wordpress normally posts you can replicate those same parameters + cookie session information and it should work.
Another nice alternative would be to look at the Mechanize CPAN modules. Using Mechanize you can in perl code browse a web page, click links, fill out forms and submit.

answer Jul 19, 2013 by anonymous
Also, to fix the expat error you need to install libxml development libraries, depending on your distro this can be accomplished in different ways.
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