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git-p4 is not cloning perforce code properly

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I am trying to clone perforce branch from git to my local drive, but it's skipping too many files and change list while fetching it from perforce.

It'll be very helpful if anyone can suggest me about how to git rid with this issue.

posted Feb 10, 2015 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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When you say "skipping", can you be more specific please? What command line are you using?

If I want to clone the P4 tree at the current revision, I do something like:

$ git p4 clone //depot/sometree/...

That gets me just a single revision.

If I want all revisions back to the start of time, I do:

$ git p4 clone //depot/sometree/...@all
answer Feb 10, 2015 by Kiran
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I'm a big Git fan and had the chance to "convert" some colleagues to the benefit of Git over Subversion, leading the conversion process and coaching them for their day-to-day use.
I'm now working in a place where the VCS is Perforce (sigh!). I must admit the cultural gap is non-negligible.
That being said, I did a quick search and found that there is git-p4 to use Git as a "client" to Perforce. Before getting that to work on my workstation, I'd like to know if anybody ever used that tool? If so, what kind of experience have you had with it? Are there any pitfalls, etc...
I'll probably get on setting that toolset in the next few days (next week) and will update this topic with any relevant info.

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Is there any detailed document about how git p4 toolset works? I am curious how it tracks depot paths, bidirectional changes etc. I am totally confused about it now.

The problem I face is after creating git repository with "git p4 clone," I added several files into the repository. The folder of the files in Git has no corresponding Depot path in P4 client view configuration, and everytime I tried to use "git p4 submit" to sync changes back to P4, I got errors saying "error: filexxx: already exists in working directory". Anyone can guide me how to fix this issue?

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When cloning a large repo stalls, hitting Ctrl+c cleans what been downloaded, and process needs re-start.

Is there a way to recover or continue from already downloaded files during cloning? Please point me to an archive url if solution exists. (though I continue to search through them as I email this)

Can there be something like: git clone --use-method=rsync