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What is planning game? Why it is needed in an XP Project?

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What is planning game? Why it is needed in an XP Project?
posted Jan 31, 2015 by Vrije Mani Upadhyay

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1 Answer

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Definition Methodology

"XP planning game has two participants in the planning process: Business and Development. This can help to remove some of the unhelpful emotional heat from the discussion making. There is no way that a simple set of rules are there to remind everyone of how they would like to act, and they provide a common reference when things are not going well" (Beck, 1999).

Overview What is XP Planning Game

The XP planning game is one of the key practices of extreme programming. According to Beck (1999) , the purpose of the game is to bring the customer and developer together in order to maximize value while minimizing costs. The XP planning game puts focus on negotiation of the requirements and the planning of it's implementation. During the game, the customer creates the stories while the developer provides estimation for the stories thereby creating a synergy.The game occurs within a short period usually within an interval of a week and can be classified into two major parts which is the release planning and iteration planning. In planning games,the customers have the information about deliverable value, while the developers have the information in terms of the estimation of effort required and cost. With this synergy, the customer and developers can both maximize value and minimize cost. The planning game is used to protect the scope constraint. The customer is asked to prioritize the order in which it would like the stories delivered and the customer is likely to prioritize based on the potential value a story can deliver. The development team can counterbalance the prioritization with complexity and risk points. This may result in a reshuffling of the priorities to minimize the complexity and risk against an optimal throughput value for stories accepted in the release.

For More Information about planning game in XP

answer Feb 12, 2015 by Deepak Negi