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UMTS: MO call while his handset doing update location

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When the subscriber make an MO call while his handset doing update location, his call will be failed. Anyone has idea on MSC we can hold the MO call untill the update location finish? Thank you in advance.

posted Jan 28, 2015 by anonymous

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How the Network flow will be in this scenario? Just came up in my mind as I am not aware of this scenario, What would be the elements behavior and message exchanges in this case.

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As we know that on basis of CAMEL contract, International roaming is possible, Visited-PLMN will generate the CDR at end and then forward it to home-PLMN. On basis of Call Data Records (CDR) home-PLMN will bill the user later in their currency.

The charging between the Operator's will happen as per the agreement.

So my Query is What if the user has crossed his credit limit during international roaming and ongoing call. How Visited PLMN will get to know about this information In between the ongoing call?

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When does a UE establish an emergency PS call in UMTS/GPRS? Can someone give me some real world examples? (Other than VoIP calls to 911 etc)