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Voice over Wifi, is there any specification?

+1 vote

New York’s based Cablevision has launched a Voice over Wifi service, check the following

Now the question is do we have any specification which talks about voice over WiFi and any other use case.

posted Jan 28, 2015 by Salil Agrawal

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1 Answer

+1 vote

AFAIK, There is no special specification for VoWiFi but its listed in many other specs, especially release 12 for LTE roaming scenarios and handovers to Trusted and non-trusted Non-3GPP networks, Wi-fi isnt a 3gpp network just like CDMA, Wi-fi is managed by the Wi-fi alliance.

answer Jan 28, 2015 by Saurabh Srivastava
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+1 vote

As far as I studied, I know following options that can be used for LTE and Wifi interworking:
1- LTE - U (LTE Unlicensed)
2. LAA (Licensed Assisted Access)
3. LWA (LTE wifi aggregation)
4. MPTCP (Multi path TCP)

Out of above options, there might be other options which I don't know. But out of above four which one is best and due to what reason operator will choose the best one ?

+3 votes

As per my knowledge, WiFI calling is supported over untrusted(using ePDG/S2b) networks from Rel 10 onwards.
But I am not sure about WiFi over trusted(TWAG/S2a) networks and having few doubts.

  1. Is VoWiFI is supported over trusted(using TWAG or S2a) networks, if not then what are the limitation?
  2. Is LTE to WiFI handover supported over S2a interface(TWAG) ?

Any help, pointers will be appreciated.

0 votes

There are two connection, ethernet and WiFi. Ethernet has higher priority than wifi, so connectivity service tears down the lower priority connection. The result is in wifi setting UI, the wifi shows "on", but no APs can be shown and mirracast also can not be used, as both wifi and p2p interface are disabled.

Are there some ways to keep both ethernet and wifi connection?