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SGW behaviour after a Downlink data notification failure?

+4 votes

When UE is idle and there is DL traffic, the SGW sends Downlink data notification to the MME.

The MME page the Mobile, if this paging fails for any reason (in my case the UE lost the radio) the MME sends downlink data notification failure to the SGW,

What happens if after some time there is more traffic downlink to the EU. Should the SGW send a new downlink data notification to the MME? How long does it wait before sending?

posted Jan 26, 2015 by anonymous

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I believe you mean UE not EU :)

Service request should not be triggered immediately after the downlink data notification failure otherwise it will result in unnecessary flooding. However I don't know the re-commanded value of the timer after which it can be triggered again. Check if 29.274 is saying something about the timer.
I didn't find anything in the 3gpp that's why I'm asking here :)

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