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Why can't we set bandwidth/throughput for TCP?

+2 votes

We can set bandwidth for UDP while TCP uses its maximum bandwidth...why it is like this?

posted Jan 23, 2015 by anonymous

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Cant understand, can u please explain in detail what is the meaning of UDP bandwidth setting?
While testing UL and DL with the use of iperf tool,
In that for UDP for setting the bandwidth we are giving (-b 64M)
But in case of TCP we are not setting the bandwidth. (-b is not there for TCP)
Ex: For UDP:
iperf -c IP.ADDR -i 5 -p port no. -u -t time -b bandwidth

EX: for TCP:
iperf -c IP.ADDR -i 5 -p port no. -t time
Because for TCP it is unlimited :)

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