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What's the best Javascript framework to couple with Rails?

+2 votes
What's the best Javascript framework to couple with Rails?
posted Jan 16, 2015 by anonymous

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I am building a multi-page rails web app and am struggling with finding a good JavaScript framework to use. I could use jQuery for all the low-level DOM manipulations but would like to benefit from the structure of a good framework.

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I have a variable created by some rails in my controller that looks like this:

@myvar= row["myvar"]

and I want to pass it into some javascript that is referenced from within my view:


js (play_time):

I am trying to pass " into the js [obviously that is not the right syntax]. Can anyone help?

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I have added few libraries in my application and I have tested it in my local machine and they are working. But when I host it on my server and set the env to productions those libraries are not loading or the effects are appearing on my page.

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What is the best method to manage image uploads in Rails? Is there a tool that allows auto-resizing upon image upload based on predefined dimensions? Moreover, is there any tool available that makes it possible to render / regenerate the same originally uploaded image using alternative view based styles, e.g. thumbs, 320x200 or 640x480 etc..?

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I'm wonder how most people securely connect to a Postgres database on a server separate from the app server.

The ActiveRecord docs for a MySQL connection have explicit SSL options, whereas with Postgres it seems one would pass SSL options as documented for libpq.

However a quick Googling returns SO threads with suggestions to use SSH tunnels. Which I guess could be managed with something like AutoSSH.

I'd love to hear from others. Is one method faster than the other, or easier to maintain?