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How often TMSI's are reallocated on an LTE network?

+3 votes

I know that its an operator preference but is it necessary for a TMSI reallocation for an INTER-RAT handover? Did any of you notice TMSI reallocations when a UE switches back to LTE where it was initially on LTE but moved to 3G for a voice call. (CSFB for a voice call-- INTRA-RAT handover).?

posted Jan 15, 2015 by Varuna Magar

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Is there any difference in authentication procedure when UE is handed over to un-trusted or trusted WiFi network ?

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We will identify each tunnel using combination of source-TEID , dest-TEID and source IP address, dest IP address. How often the IP address and the TEID are repeated? is this just unique for each tunnel of UE or unique within the cell?

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Hi All,

I am facing X2 setup failures in some sites. What will be possible reasons apart from transport issues. Can we optimize the issue from RF perspective? Kindly help me in this