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Informatica SDK 9.5.1

+2 votes

I need to debug one of Informatica SDK jmf.jar . I decomplied the jar file and attached the source to my project . But still I am unable to debug it in Eclipse . When I set debug point , its popping " Unable to Install break in due to missing line attributes " .

I tried Changing compiler settings by removing the checked options , clicked apply and then rechecked . But I am getting the same error . I really need to debug the class files . How to do it ? please help

posted Jan 9, 2015 by Sunil

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Can anyone tell me how to create a local repository in Informatica 9.1?
Is it possible to use a local folder as repository?

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I have found the mapping sdk code samples, however without any documentation whatsoever.

Currently working with 9.0, I am looking for more info.

For one of the current issues, when I try to save the mapping to repository, (with lying in the same folder where the xml file is being generated), I am getting the following error:

Written the file..

Caught an exception in run() method Cannot run program ""C:\Informatica\pmrep"" (in directory "C:\Informatica"): CreateProcess error=2, The system cannot find the file specified Cannot run program ""C:\Informatica\pmrep"" (in directory "C:\Informatica"): CreateProcess error=2, The system cannot find the file specified

com.informatica.powercenter.sdk.mapfwk.exception.MapFwkOutputException: Error saving to repository :  Failed to connect to repository

    at Source)

    at Source)

    at TestRaghavExample.generateOutput(

    at TestRaghavExample.create(

    at TestRaghavExample.main(

Caught an exception in run() method
This is my initial example.. trying to find my way through the API..

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What are the new features of Informatica 9.x in developer level?

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I have data with only 1 column and about 50 rows in it like


the data will have column delimeters(i.e~~) but i will not seperate them. I have to clean the data and write to file after cleaning But the output file should be like

The row delimeter here is #^#

How can i get this done.

Please suggest.

+3 votes

I have a mapping like

The source will be of the same structure and the tartget also.
There are a bunch of files(with the same structure) which will go through this mapping .
So i want to use a parameter file through which i will give the file names for every run manually.

How to use the param file in session for Source filename attribute
Please suggest..