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what is Jython and what are the pros and cons then switching from Python to Jython?

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I tried to find out more on the internet but didn't have much success. All I know is that its a combination of Python and Java. I have following queries -

Is it more Java than Python or the other way around?
Is Jython free like Python?
Is the programming language for Jython similar to Python or similar to Java?
Are there pros and cons then switching from Python to Jython?

posted Jan 9, 2015 by Dewang Chaudhary

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2 Answers

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1) is a Python compiler that compiles Python source code into JVM bytecode (class, jar, whatever) that runs on a standard Java runtime. Python programs compiled with Jython can call standard Java libraries and and can call or be called by code written in Java.

2) is a Python compiler that is written in Java.

AFAK, these are in principal orthogonal. Number 1) is the important part and does not require that 2) be true. The Jython compiler could (in theory) be implemented in C, Fortran, or BASH, but there are some practical advantages to using Java to write a compiler that generates JVM bytecode.

answer Jan 9, 2015 by anonymous
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Jython converts Python code into Java byte code, but are there any syntax changes between the two.

According to the Jython website, the latest stable version is currently 2.5.3b1, and the latest development version is 2.7a2.

Differences of - Python & Jython

Compiles to .pyc
Extend with C
GIL 1*
Python Garbage Collection
1*. Global Interpreter Lock, explained in Documentation Python documentation, chapter 8.1 (1)

100% Java
Any JVM (currently 1.1+)
Compiles to .class
Extend with Java
Truly multi-threaded
Java garbage collection

answer Jan 9, 2015 by Amit Kumar Pandey
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